How to Succeed as a Writer on Newsbreak

My journey and how it’s going so far

Rejoice Denhere
4 min readMay 3, 2022


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I joined Newsbreak about 7 months ago. Over that time, I’ve published over 50 articles.

Most of my articles are pretty short, but even so, it’s a strong volume for what is essentially a casual side-hustle. One of the great things about Newsbreak is that the minimum word count is only 250 words so you can produce content quickly. It was 300 when I joined.

Can you make a living income from Newsbreak?

You probably want to know if a writer can earn a decent income from Newsbreak. The short answer is yes. It’s like any other platform where those who hack the code earn big.

If you have a lot of content ideas which resonate with readers, or news sources with captivating stories, you can easily make writing for Newsbreak a full-time gig and earn a decent income. Alternatively, you can choose to make it as casual as you want to make it — the balance is really up to you.

I would strongly encourage new writers to take advantage of this flexibility: even if you’re not keen on making writing your primary source of income right now, there are still tremendous benefits to doing it on the side and building your portfolio.

How frequently should a writer publish on Newsbreak?

The rate at which I write and publish on Newsbreak has changed over time. Initially, I was publishing at least two articles a day. Though this was a lot of writing for me, I eventually got used to it and settled into a comfortable routine.

I then decided to slow down my rate of daily production and published fewer articles.

Though I’m not working nearly as hard as when I first started out, I’m still producing an amount that is meaningful to me. More importantly, the extra time has allowed me to focus on my other interests outside of writing…



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